• Caledonian League/Seniors Matches

    The Caledonian League is a competition for golf clubs based in an area consisting of Fife, Perth and Kinross, Clackmannanshire and Angus.  It consists of 4 leagues of 6 teams with 12 players aged 50 and over. 

    The Club also hosts an annual Home and Away match with Caird Park for the Greenwood Trophy with St Michaels currently holding the Cup.

    There are also additional Senior Friendly Inter-club matches listed below.

    Team sheets will be posted on the seniors board well before each event where you can enter your name.

  • Caledonian League 2019

    Mon 22nd April Downfield vs St Michaels 4 - 2
    Tues 14th May St Michaels vs Charelton 5 - 1
    Mon 20th May St Michaels vs Grange & Broughty 4 - 2
    Mon 10th June St Michaels vs Balumbie Castle 3.5 - 2.5
    Tues 2nd July Charelton vs St Michaels 5.5 - 0.5
    Fri 12th July St Michaels vs Downfield Meet 11.00 for 12.00
    Tues 16th July Dunfermline(Pitferranne) vs St Michaels Meet 12.15 for 13.00
    Mon 22nd July Grange & Broughty vs St Michaels Meet 11.00 for 12.00
    Tues 6th August St Michaels vs Dunfermline(Pitferranne) Meet 11.00 for 12.00
    Mon 19th August Balumbie Castle vs St Michaels Meet 11.00 for 12.00
  • Other Senior Events 2019

    Date FixtureFriendly Match/Greenwood TrophyMeet/Results
    Tues 9th April St Michaels vs Leven Thistle Friendly Match 4 - 2
    Tues 16th April Scoonie vs St Michaels Friendly Match 4 - 2
    Mon 6th May Ballumbie Castle vs St Michaels Friendly Match 3.5 - 2.5
    Tues 4th June St Michaels vs Caird Park Greenwood Trophy 4 - 2
    Tues 13th August Caird Park vs St Michaels Greenwood Trophy Meet 10.00 for 11.00
    Mon 2nd September St Michaels vs Scoonie Friendly Match Meet 9.00 for 10.00
    Mon 9th September Leven Thistle vs St Michaels Friendly Match Meet 9.00 for 10.00
    Mon 16th September St Michaels vs Ballumbie Castle Friendly Match Meet 11.00 for 12.00
  • Previous Caledionian League Results

    YearPlayed WonDrawnLostPoints Home Points Away Total